The idea for Kefirko was born from noticing how kefir preparation at home can be quite messy and complicated. Not something most of us would gladly do every day. So we designed this all-in-one kitchen tool that is easy to use and makes the whole process clean and efficient.
1st time on Kickstarter
At the end of 2014 we went on Kickstarter with Kefirko Kefir Maker to get support from people who find this product useful. The feedback was great and people were very excited with the home preparation of kefir. By experiencing all the benefits that daily consumption
of probiotics brings, Kefirko team was motivated to get more and more people excited with home preparation of fermented foods.
After being in business for two years and getting to know more about the fermented food and whole community behind it, we are always looking for ways to promote fermented food in everyday life. From interaction with the community an idea for a new product was born – Kefirko Cheese Maker.
2nd Kickstarter project
In 2017 we returned to Kickstarter again looking for support for Kefirko Cheese Maker. A kitchen tool that makes home preparation of cheese easier. Again we were blown away by positive feedback and enthusiasm of people who are into fermented foods and probiotics.
Complementing the existing products we have also expanded to cultures with milk and water kefir grains and cosmetics with kefir soaps. Following the path of probiotics and incorporation of fermented food in everyday life, who knows what is next for Kefirko…


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