Iliana Lazaridou was born and raised in Perdikka, Ptolemaida. She studied at the School of Civil Engineering and Public Works in Thessaloniki. She lived for many years in Thessaloniki and now resides with her family in Athens, where she works.
Passion for painting.
The artistic concerns and skills she had from a young age, were initially directed towards painting. Many of her artworks with charcoal and oil, decorate personal spaces as well as the walls of many fans. Through the painting seminars of the municipality of Vrilissia, she perfects her painting skills where hands and mind are unfettered in order to create art without restrictions. The passion for creation and expression through craftwork, led her to jewellery design and manufacture. All these were expressed and presented to the public through various exhibitions and bazaars.
Love for pottery.
Autumn 2010 were critical, personally and professionally, as the first contact with the plasticity and expressiveness of the clay was made. Admiration and love for history, led her to the ancient art of pottery. The gradual recognition and demand of her work through exhibitions had an upward route which pushed her to devote even more to what was to become her professional destination.
A few years later, in 2014, the first solo exhibition called “Return” took place to confirm the effort and patience, had a great success. This success, as well as the constant engagement Iliana had, inspired and paved the way for her to escape from the microcosm of the laboratory to create a space where she could share the joy of creation with others.
Therefore, the Modern Ceramic Creation Workshop was created, a space of ideas, activities and learning. A place where the journey and joy of creation find ground, it is shaped, evolved and finally shines… this is the Iliana Creative Ground!
Through our collaboration with Iliana Lazaridou we can present you useful and decorative objects, which reflect our unique identity with unique works of art, each one, with their own history.


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